Bureau of Lost Culture

1977 - Year of Punk

September 13, 2020

We meet with writer Barry Cain, punk correspondent for Record Mirror during the incendiary years 1977 - 1979.

Barry tells of his London journey from a Kings Cross council estate to touring with the Sex Pistols, The Clash and the greatest bands of the punk generation.

We hear of early meetings with The Stranglers, Sid Vicious and John Lydon, a fantatsical financial fraud perpetrated on a transatlantic flight with The Damend’s Rat Scabies and evenings recording Malcolm McLaren’s secret memoirs

Barry Cain is journalist and author of ’77 Sulphate Strip: An Eyewitness Account of the Year that changed everything’ amongst other books.

He co-founded the influential Flexi Pop magazine and has written extensively on pop music.

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