Bureau of Lost Culture

The Cabaret of the Nameless

September 25, 2022
*Performance artist, actor and underground cabaret star Madame LePustra leads us on a journey back in time in search of the Berlin Cabaret and Kabarett of Weimar Republic era Berlin.
*We learn of the strange and progressive Golden Years of the 1920s when queer and trans identiities were accepted, even feted, within an underground culture that briefly flowered in the city between the wars.
*We meet some of the extraordinary women performers who pushed artistic, theatrical and social boundaries before the Nazis jackbooted the doors of the clubs and theatres and brought the era to a tragic close.
*And we hear of Madame Le Pustra’s work to remember and reinterpret the times through their re-imagined ‘Cabaret of the Nameless’.
For more on Madame Le Pustrhttps://madamelepustra.com 
The Bureau of Lost Culture https://www.bureauoflostculture.com
Image courtesy Madame Le Pustra  / Michel Dierickx 
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